loacla body tax

Local Body Tax:

Maharashtra Value Added Tax / Central Sales Tax/Professional Tax:

Maharashtra Govt. has introduced Local Body Tax (LBT) at different Municipal Council Jurisdiction w.e. from different dates. At CVCO, we provide consultation, advices and services in matters relating to Local Body Tax (LBT) for Thane, Kalyan-Dombivali, Navi Mumbai Municipal Jurisdiction and also proposed Mumbai jurisdiction. We do undertake the following assignments for Local Body tax (LBT):

  • Registration with Respective Municipal Council
  • Compiling and Filing Tax Returns
  • Assessment, etc
  • Department Correspondence

LBT is not restricted to any trading or manufacturing co., it is applicable to all companies for any kinds of purchases for eg. right from calculator to any asset, any item which if exceeding the prescribed exemption limit of around 1 lakhs rupees as prescribed by each Municipal Office in any financial year. Accordingly, it is mostly applicable mainly to all such as banks, builders and almost all industries including service industry who have such purchases in such taxable area and exceeding the basic exemption limit.